Review: The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

The Luckiest Girl Alive was our pick for the month of June in my monthly book club. I had heard about the buzz regarding the book, the comparisons to Gone Girl and other psychological thrillers, so I approached this book with caution and a certain skepticism–I’m glad I did.

The novel tells the story of TifAni FaNelli (yes! that’s how the name is written throughout the book! One of the few things that got on my nerves about this book) a rich, superficial writer with a glamorous job, fantastic wardrobe and perfect life who is planning her wedding to blue blood fiancé Luke. In the midst of her wedding planning she is also working on a documentary that threatens to expose and clarify events that happened at Bradley School, a prestigious prep-school she attended as a teenager.

I had a real hard time reading this book. I put it down so many times that four other books later I just picked it up for the last time and gave it another try. The thing that really kept me from finish it the first time around was the fact that I could not stand the main character TifAni (Ani).

“Sometimes I feel like a windup doll, like I have to reach behind and turn my golden key to produce a greeting, a laugh, whatever the socially acceptable reaction should be.”

I found that I couldn’t sympathize with her at all. I couldn’t stand her voice and how ungrateful, superficial and flat-out boring she was. The main twist comes in mid-book. Although an unpredictable twist, it was just not strong enough to save this story. Once you learn the twist, there is just not enough plot to carry on the rest of the book. I was disappointed.

2 star

Book Details:

Title: The Luckiest Girl Alive/Author:Jessica Knoll/Genre:Psychological Thriller/ ISBN:9781476789637/Publisher:Simon and Schuster/Rating: 2-Stars/Read:June, 2015.

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