Review: Indelible by Peter Helton


Chris Honeysett agrees to do an exhibition at the prestigious Bath Arts Academy together with several other artists to celebrate the Academy’s thirtieth-year anniversary. Shortly after arriving at the Academy, and against his better judgement, he takes on a position as a tutor. Several peculiar incidents start to happen leading to the death of one of his fellows and Honeysett being framed for murder.

Indelible is a mystery novel by Peter Helton. It is the sixth book in the Chris Honeysett series. My local librarian recommended me this title after an afternoon chat about my love for Agatha Christie. The front cover of the book even describes the characters of this book as Agatha Christie-like. But were they really? I’m not so sure. They were extremely quirky and the general feeling of the book reminded me very much of Christie’s novels, but what I really liked about this book was the amount of humor it contained.

Chris Honeysett is a great character! He is both a painter and a private detective with a self-deprecating sense of humor. He is probably a better painter than a PI, but his dialogues are pretty funny. There is also a significant amount of information about art and painting. The author has a fine arts degree and he uses that knowledge very well in composing the story. The end did not disappoint, but I found the early chapters were a bit too slow for my taste, and it took me a while to get into this book.

3 star

Book Details:

Title: Indelible/Author: Peter Helton/Genre: Mystery / ISBN:9780727884237/Publisher: Severn House Publishers/Rating: 3-Stars/Read: May, 2015.

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I love Agatha Christie, so I was more than excited when my local librarian suggested this title to me. Today’s Teaser Tuesday sentences come from Peter Helton’s novel Indelible. An Agatha Christie-like mystery with a bit of Monty Python humor to it. When laid-back painter and private detective Chris Honeysett accepts a role as tutor at the Bath Arts Academy, he had no idea that a series of peculiar events resulting in the death of one of his fellow were going to land him prime suspect in a murder investigation. Who is framing him, and why?

Someone deliberately tried to electrocute her? Your Mrs Kroog talked me into giving a spiel on my work up there but I’ve gone right off that place. It’s creepy and crumbling and right by the forest. I bet the trees move by themselves. And I don’t like the sound of your wild man of the woods, either. Be careful up there, hon.

Don’t worry, I’m a painter. What could possibly go wrong? Anyway, the place is crawling with police. Needham is here. Already grilled me a bit. But I’m only half done, apparently.”

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