Review Policy and Rating

Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer. Currently, I’m not accepting review requests unless I have worked with you in the past. I always appreciate the opportunity to review books. I tend to review books I find compelling and worthy of a good discussion. I enjoy reading fiction, women’s fiction, mystery/thriller, YA, sci-fi, and fantasy. My reviews are honest. I’m a book blogger, not a professional book reviewer. I like to write about what I like and what I don’t like about a book, but I don’t write a very deep, literary critique. I also reserve the right to not finish a book. I accept traditional printed books, as well as e-books.

The only books I don’t accept for review are self-helpcooking books, self-published books, or religious books.

**I am not paid in exchange for my reviews, and I am under no obligation to provide positive reviews.**

Rating System

5 star = Sublime, Fantastic

5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars = Definitely worth your time!

3 star= Add to your “to-be-read” list

2 star= Lukewarm

1 star= Not my cup of tea! I will not post a review

For additional information please email me at

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