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Hi there! I’m Anna and I love to read. Besides being an avid reader and running a monthly book club, I enjoy writing book reviews. I have a full-time job as a nurse and I’m a mother of two, so when I’m not working, reading and/or writing reviews, I enjoy acrylic painting, knitting, photography, hiking, and traveling . Here is a list of 11 random facts about me. I really like reading a vast array of book genres but most of the books I review are fiction, women’s fiction (chick-lit), mystery/thriller and young-adult. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks and review them often on this blog. I tend to write about what I like and what I don’t like about a book. I also don’t review every book I read. I tend to review books I find compelling and worth of a good discussion. Please check out my review policy for more information.

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38 thoughts on “About Anna

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  2. Wow ! you are really busy working reading doing book reviews. I know how life can be busy being a nurse and having children. My daughter works in a doctors surgery taking blood etc and has a son. I always have my grandson when he is off school which I love it when I have him. Children say the most funniest things.

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  4. I have only done seven actual book reviews in my life. Which reminds me, I should post them, ha ha. Two of them are already posted in a book review site, three were published in a magazine I worked for before…I wish I have more time to go over books again and write actual reviews rather than just say “It’s a great book. Read it!”

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